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Climate in the Cabarete Region

Life is a beach and a world of eternal summer in Cabarete. With the warm sun shining down through clear blue skies practically every day of the year, it's most people's dream of a perfect tropical paradise.

The average annual temperature is 25°C (77°F), and only fluctuates by about + or - 2°C, depending on the season.

The 'hottest' months of the year are from June to October, when temperatures during the day remain constant at around 29°C (84°F). In contrast, it's slightly cooler from December to March, with daily highs rising to around 27°C (80°F). At night temperatures drop by about 5°C, so that you rarely need more than a sheet for covering to sleep comfortably at night.

Ave. temperatures
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Variations in temperature are not significant in other parts of the country, other than in mountainous regions where it's generally cooler by 5° to 6°C. On extremely rare occasions temperatures there may even drop below the freezing point at night.

Being in a tropical climate zone means constant humidity. But when you are along the shoreline, the cool soothing breeze blowing in off the sea tends to make it feel less hot and more comfortable.

The precipitation, or amount of rainfall, varies considerably depending upon the time of year. The 'rainy season' here on the north coast typically begins in October then continues through the remainder of the year, but is usually over by early January. The rest of the year we are spoiled with the more pleasant 'dry season' and minimal rainfall.

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The timing of the rainy and dry 'seasons' in Cabarete varies from that of other parts of the country. In the capital Santo Domingo (on the other side of the island), for example, the 'rainy season' lasts longer and occurs at a different time of the year - from May to October. But overall they only get about 75% of the total amount of rainfall as compared to what we get in Cabarete. (See graph)

Even when it rains here, it's usually just a brief tropical shower - which can sometimes be quite heavy. These generally last not much more than half an hour and tend to clear up shortly afterwards, although sometimes it does rain for longer periods. In Cabarete it's quite common to see heavy rainfall and thunderstorms flashing offshore in the sea or behind the village in the mountains, while at the same time it remains completely dry on the beach. Or on other occasions we get brief 'sun-showers' with rain falling down on us while we're still in the bright sunshine. Other times it can be pouring down hard just 20 miles down the road, while we get no rain at all here.

It must be emphasized that precipitation patterns here are not always consistent. Sometimes, regardless of the 'season', there are lengthy periods of time extending over several weeks when we go without any sign of rainfall at all. Unfortunately, there may also be brief periods with patches of rainy and overcast weather that drag on for several days at a time; but generally these are quite rare.

Hiking in Cabarete
Hurricane George going into the Dominican Republic (Sept. 22, 1998). Click image for a larger version.

As you may know, hurricanes occasionally pass through the region, mainly from August to October. Fortunately Cabarete has never been in the direct path of any of these in recent history. On a few rare occasions it caught the edges of some powerful tropical storms, which meant that it was hit with heavy rainfall and strong gusts of wind for periods lasting no more than 2 to 3 days. Although the paths of hurricanes are unpredictable, based on the past record you can expect that it would be most unlikely for you to be caught in the middle of one while you're here. (See Hurricanes Link on the 'Current Weather' page)

Overall, visitors coming to Cabarete can expect to be treated with warm pleasant weather at any time of the year. You can thus be assured that you should get a nice tan and great surfing weather.