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Transportation from Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) to Cabarete

Please note that the following info may have changed with time, especially the rates Last update: September 12, 2017.

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Note that the rates and means of transport are updates from time to time. This means that the rates shown here may be different from what they actually are.

Cost: US$400
Travel Time: 5-6 hours

Finding a taxi outside the airport to drive to Cabarete is not a problem, but it can be a little more expensive to make the journey at night. Traveling by taxi is expensive and can take a long time so it is not highly recommended. One advantage is that it is private, and if you’re traveling during the day, you can see the countryside along the drive.

Public Transport
Cost: US$30 and upwards
Travel Time: about 9 hours

For those who’d like to start an adventure right away, this is the way to go. It’s adventure because you’ll have to take different types of transport and it takes a full day of taxis and busses. This will mean changing vehicles several times. Consider the challenge thoroughly before you leave the airport! The quickest route: Airport – Vérona – Santo Domingo, and then check out our Santo Domingo to Cabarete section.

Airport to Verón: A few minutes / 13km by taxi. About USD 20 for the taxi. Pay in USD or Pesos.

Taxi rates should be written on a board at the airport. That's how it is in the Puerto Plata Airport anyway. In Verón you can overnight in a small, relatively inexpensive hotel.

Verón to Santo Domingo: About 3 hours with a big, comfortable bus. 400 pesos per person (about USD 10), paid in Pesos.

In Verón you will take the Expreso Bávaro Bus as early as you can (first bus leaves at 7am). You might want to get the tickets the day before or even online or by phone a few days earlier (if that is possible) just to make sure you get seats. You should get to the final Santo Domingo bus station (Terminal) at about 10am.

In Santo Domingo: Expreso Bavaro bus station to Caribe Tours bus station: A few minutes by taxi. About 200 - 300 pesos for the taxi. (USD 5 to 7). Paid in Pesos

The two bus stations are not far apart and a taxi is the way to go.
You should have plenty of time to get to the Caribe Tours bus station for the 11am bus. If not, there is a bus every hour on the hour until 7pm. You can get food at the Caribe Tours bus terminal.

Santo Domingo to Sosua: Read here

Travel Tip:
If you are flying from PUJ, plan to leave Cabarete 3 days before your departure and head to Samana/Las Terrenas for a day. The following day you can take the ferry from the city of Samana to Sabana de la Mar and visit the National Park, Los Haitises. From there you can continue your journey with local transport.

Air Transport
Cost: Around US$150
Travel Time: 45 minutes

NOTE: Suspended for the time being!

Shared Shuttle
Travel Time: 5 to 6 hours

This looks like the best option. Unfortunately, we have not yet heard anyone's comment on this service so we cannot say too much about it. If you have tried it out please let us know... To book this service go to, select "Shared Shuttle", choose Leaving from: "PUJ - Punta Cana" and Going to: "Puerto Plata (Cabarete)"...

Rental Car
Cost: From around US$90 (with gasoline)
Travel Time: 5 to 6 hours

A long drive after a long flight is not recommended. Driving in this country in the dark on unknown roads can cause a lot of stress – not something you should experience on vacation! But if you prefer to drive, there are car rental companies located at each international airport. The car can be rented directly from the airport and driven to Cabarete. Daily rental ranges from US$40 to $80, depending on the type of car, and insurance is available. Make sure you contact the car rental service a few days before your arrival.