Tourism Portal for Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Time in Cabarete: Sat, Jun 3rd, 2023; 8:23 PM

Current Weather in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Note that not all of the following sites will give the same forecast. Why, you ask? I wish I knew. Forecast are up to 10 days, however none of the following sites will give you a precise forecast for more than 2 days and very often even the first 2 days are incorrect. We have Cabarete's most precise weather forecast on another page. forecast | satellite images (animated)

The Dominican Republic is the right part of the island right in the middle of the image.
Note that the wind shown here is always weaker than in reality.

Wunderground forecast

Click for Puerto Plata International Forecast

Hurricane Info

Past 12 hour satellite loop of the Caribbean from NOAA. More images and loop available on NOOA's website. Note that UTC time is 5 hours in advance of Dominican Republic's time.

Java must be enabled for radar loops to display.

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