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Time in Cabarete: Thu, Mar 30th, 2023; 8:20 AM
All City Internet Call Center
All City Internet Call Center
Phone: +1 809 571 0112

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International and Local Calls at fantastic rates!

Open from Monday to Saturday 8am-7pm

Sunday 11am to 6pm

Internet usage is 1 Peso per Minute.

Buy Internet Minutes:

5 hours = 200 Pesos U save 100 Pesos

10 hours = 400 Pesos
U save 200 Pesos


FAXING Now Available

Wireless Connection Available

Print, Scan

Upload Photos with our built in memory card slot reader and USB connection.

Web Cam and Headset available for use of MSN, YAHOO, SKYPE.

We Copy Photo to CD or DVD

Phone rates:

Country Home Mobile
USA/Canada/Puerto Rico
6Pesos Per Min  6Pesos Per Min
Europe 8 Pesos Per Min
16 Pesos Per Min
United Kingdom 6 Pesos Per Min 16 Pesos Per Min
Cuba 65Pesos Per Min 65 Pesos Per Min
Islas del Caribe 10 Pesos Per Min
10 Pesos Per Min
Venezuela 8   Pesos Per Min 16 Pesos Per Min
Dominican Republic 6   Pesos Per Min 6   Pesos Per Min