Tourism Portal for Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Time in Cabarete: Mon, Nov 20th, 2017; 5:13 AM

Transportation from Santo Domingo's Las Americas International Airport (SDQ) to Cabarete

Please note that the following info may have changed with time, especially the rates.

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After passing through Customs & Immigration and picking up your luggage, you'll exit the Arrivals Terminal. It's here that you'll be met with warm tropical air and the hustle & bustle of people looking to help you with luggage or taxi service. If you would like luggage assistance, the going rate is US$1.00 per piece of luggage. If you do not wish for assistance, just firmly say 'No thank you', or even better, in Spanish, 'No gracias'. From here you have four transportation options to reach Cabarete.

Note that the rates and means of transport are updates from time to time. This means that the rates shown here may be different from what they actually are. Last update: September 12, 2017.

Cost: US$200
Travel Time: 4 hours

Traveling by taxi is usually the fastest and most reliable form of transport from Santo Domingo to Cabarete. Finding a taxi outside the airport to drive to Cabarete is not a problem, but it can be a little more expensive to make the journey at night. If you are traveling during the day, and not in a hurry, ask your driver to take the faster Pay-toll road #7. It makes the trip much faster but since it costs about 500 pesos (some US$10) taxi drivers don't want to go this way. You might have to offer to pay this extra charge if you ju