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Transportation from Santiago International Airport (STI) to Cabarete

Please note that the following info may have changed with time, especially the rates. Last update:September 12, 2017.

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There are several good connections with the USA. Furthermore, it is also a good connections to the rest of Latin America through Copa Airlines. This destination is also becoming increasingly popular due to JetBlue's low fares flights arriving here. However, do make your calculations as you might be unpleasantly surprised by its inconveniences where you often end up paying more due to high taxi fares, arriving and departing at ridiculous times and loosing precious time away from Cabarete as you have to calculate the time getting from and to this airport.

After passing through Customs & Immigration and picking up your luggage, you'll exit the Arrivals Terminal. It's here that you'll be met with warm tropical air and the hustle & bustle of people looking to help you with luggage or taxi service. If you would like luggage assistance, the going rate is US$1.00 per piece of luggage. If you do not wish for assistance, just firmly say 'No thank you', or even better, in Spanish, 'No gracias'. If your vacation does not include airport pick-up, you have two options of transportation to reach Cabarete.

Note that the rates and means of transport are updates from time to time. This means that the rates shown here may be different from what they actually are.

Cost: US$100
Travel Time: 90 Minutes

Taxi is the quickest and most comfortable form of transport and the rates are negociable up to a point. Before getting into your taxi, make sure you confirm the rate with your driver. Carrying the correct amount of RD Pesos or US dollars will be helpful, as some drivers do not carry change.

Public Transport (+Taxi)
Cost: about US$45
Travel Time: 3 hours

This is the least expensive transportation option. First you will have to take a taxi from the Airport to the Caribe Tours or Metro Tours Bus Stations, which is located in downtown Santiago. The cost of the taxi is about US$20 and takes about 15-20 minutes. Please check the bus schedule for departure times. The bus ride from Santiago takes up to 2 hours and costs about US$10. The buses are air-conditioned so bring a sweater or light jacket for the ride. Once you get to the bus terminal in Sosua, you'll probably want to take another taxi to Cabarete (US$15).