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Wind Statistics for Cabarete

Note: What is notes as "Days over x bft" actually means "Days of x Beaufort or more". Example: The month of January 2002 had 26 days of at least 3 Beaufort.

3 Beaufort 7-10 Knots 12.0-19.4 kph 3.4-5.4 m/s 7.6-12.2 mph
4 Beaufort 11-15 Knots 19.5-28.4 kph 5.5-7.9 m/s 12.3-17.8 mph
6 Beaufort 22-27 Knots 38.6-49.7 kph 10.8-13.8 m/s 24.1-31.0 mph


Cabarete Wind Statistics

All data was compiled by No Work Team in Cabarete and is reproduced here with permission.