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Hikes in Cabarete

Hiking in Cabarete
Hiking around Cabarete

With its endless array of unpaved roads, more frequently used by mules, chickens and pedestrians than cars, Cabarete is an excellent place for a safe morning or afternoon hike. These roads promise all the adventure of a new experience, while preventing a novice hiker from becoming disoriented and lost in the jungle. Colorful Dominican communities, bright and welcoming smiles, and incredible Caribbean vistas can be found at every turn.

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From Pico Duarte, the highest point in the Caribbean, to the manicured gardens atop Mt. Ysabel de Torres overlooking Puerto Plata bay, to its endless array of unpaved roads winding through colorful Dominican communities, the DR has something to offer to all hikers.

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Old North Coast Road:

About 60 years ago the road that runs through the middle of Cabarete stretching from town of Monte Cristy to the West to Samana to the East, did not have the same course. The original road, now little more than a sandy path, can be found on both sides of town.

To the West:

On the western edge of Cabarete about 2.5 km (1.5 miles) out of town, adventurers can easily locate the entrance on the right hand side about 100 meters past the sign for La Cienega. This scenic walk starts out in small Dominican community and hugs the coast offering beautiful views of the Atlantic, passes through the local surfing beach "El Encuentro," and disappears around the Perla Marina development. Hikers can either backtrack, or make their way through the winding streets of Perla Marina to the main road to catch a guagua or carro publico back to Cabarete.

To the East:

On the eastern edge of Cabarete about 3 km (2 miles) out of town, you will find a small sand and rock road leading of the main road just before the Texaco gas station. Follow this path to the first right turn. Ahead of you lays 5.5 km (3.5 miles) of level terrain making its lazy way along the coast. Shaded by broadleaf plants, this is a very pleasant trail dotted by modest Dominican houses. You will find small children, dogs, and chickens playing about for the entire length of the road ending that ends at a small school in the community of Islabon. From the school, take the short road back up to the main road to catch a guagua or carro publico back into town.

Callejon de la Loma:

About a ten minute walk west of the center of town, the "Callejon de la Loma" branches off the main road, and heads south towards the foothills of the Cordillera Septentrional. "El Callejon" refers both the road itself, and the area, in general, where the majority of Cabarete's residents live. A stroll through the maze of streets that back up to Cabarete Lagoon will give you an intimate view of a small Dominican coastal town. An easy escape from the touristier center of town, la Callejon is the best place to see everyday Dominican life, and get some authentic food a la criolla.

La Bombita/El Choco Road:

If you are looking to get outside of town and off the beaten path, without the risk of getting lost in the jungle, this might be the hike for you. Take a guagua or carro publico heading west out of town for about 5 km (3 miles) to a small road called La Bombita at the Colmado Beaton. The road starts out paved, then immediately turns into a rock and dirt path passing through a small community and cattle farm. Stick to the main road keeping right at all the forks for a pleasant 4-km (2.5 miles) with minor elevation changes shaded by towering trees. The path meets up with a wide, grated road known as El Choco. If it rains, we guarantee that your clothes will serve as a reminder as long as you have them of why "El Chocolate" has its name. From the junction of Bombita with El Choco, you can turn right (head north) for a flat 2 km walk back to the main road. If you are looking for a workout, turn left (head south) for the beginning of a 17 km hike up and over the 150-meters (500 feet) ridge of the Septentrional foothills with amazing views and some steep climbs ending in La Catalina. From the Catalina, take a guagua or motoconcho to Sabaneta de Yasica (5km/3miles), then another back into Cabarete (9km/5.5miles).