Tourism Portal for Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Time in Cabarete: Thu, Mar 30th, 2023; 6:37 AM

Cabarete360 Instructions

Viewing Panoramic Images

All the images you see on or are interactive panoramas. This means that YOU control the image.

If you are new to viewing panoramas:

  • It is a steep learning curve but one you can master within minutes. To take full advantage of Cabarete360, please read completely through these short instructions.

To navigate a panorama:

  • You can use the controls that you see inside the image - those arrows and the plus and minus buttons. Click the arrows to move the image in some direction (pan). Click the plus or minus to zoom in or out.
    panorama controls

  • Another way is to use your mouse. Click and drag your mouse in the image to move around - left or right, up or down. You can sometimes use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

  • A third way is to use the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to pan. Use the ctrl and shift keys (command and shift on a Mac) to zoom in and out.

  • And finally, you can move the radar in the map to pan.

Different projections:

  • If you right-click in an image, you can choose a different "projection". Since the image is spherical, there are different ways of representing this 3d surface on your 2d computer monitor - think of different types of world maps as an example.


  • Either click the button in the top-right corner or
  • Right-click and choose FULLSCREEN

Moving to another location:

  • The arrows you see are called HOTSPOTS. Click one of them to move to another panorama (spot).
  • Another way you canchange location is by clicking on a spot in the map.
  • Note that public spots are indicated in blue and private/commercial spots are in orange.
  • Also note that the further away the next spot is located the smaller the arrow and the higher up it appears in the panorama.


  • Clicking on a spot will move you there.
  • Click-dragging the radar will pan the panorama.
  • You can pan the map by either using the arrow bottoms or click-dragging the map itself.
  • You can zoom in and out of the map by clicking on the + and - buttons or by using the mouse-wheel when the cursor is positioned over the map.
  • To remove the map to get a fuller view of the panorama, click "Close Map". Click "Open Map" to re-open it.


  • Click the Autorotate button (top-right corner) to start auto-rotation of the panorama.
  • Click again to stop the rotation.